2018 Rocky Mountain Measurement Society Trade Show – August 16

Topic: The RMMS Trade Show is a full-day event fundraiser for the RMMS Scholarship Program. All proceeds will go into the RMMS Scholarship account. This is an opportunity for users and suppliers to network and discuss issues with measurement, possible solutions, and the latest technologies. 

Date & Time: Thursday, August 16, 2018

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2018 Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Liquid Measurement
  • How BLM Onshore Order 3175 Affects Your Gas Measurement SOPs
  • Pressurized Hydrocarbon Liquids Sampling
  • Addressing Measurement Challenges in Today’s Shale Plays
  • Entrained Gas and its Effects on Measurement
  • Operation and Performance of Ultrasonic Meters
  • Orifice Meters and Wet Gas Flow
  • Measurement Economics
  • Tank Pressure-Vacuum Relief and Gauging Concerns Related to Quad-O
  • Why Calibrating Custody Transfer Meters on Products Matters
  • Upstream Ultrasonic Metering Applications
  • Changing Quality Specifications and Analytical Practices
  • Data Averaging for Back Office Recalculation
  • Pairing Small Volume Provers with High Precision, High Flowrate Meters
  • Plan to Achieve USM Field Installed Accuracy; or Risk Permanent Errors
  • Panel Presentation: The Digitalization of the Oil Field: What is Happening? How Will it Affect You?

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Scholarship Fund Update:

The purpose of the scholarship is to identify, support and encourage continued education for talented local measurement industry members and family.

The RMMS Board intends to award this scholarship annually to qualified entrants connected to the society.  Requirements, guidelines and details are listed in the attached application.

Eligibility & Requirements: Eligibility & Requirements 2018

Submit Scholarship Entry: RMMS Scholarship Application 2018

Deadline to Submit Applications is June 1, 2018!

The purpose of the Society shall be the advancement of hydrocarbon measurement for the mutual benefit of the members, industry and the Society.

The mission of the Society will be to educate our membership on standards, regulation and common practices while communicating new ideas, technologies and emerging trends.

The vision of the Society is to grow and educate our membership and provide scholarship opportunities to future professionals.

The Society shall be both non-profit and non-political in character, but may cooperate in civic enterprises.

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