1st Quarter 2017 Luncheon – February 16

Sponsored by: Measurement & Sensing, a division of GE Oil & Gas

Topic: “Regulations 43 CFR 3173, 3174, 3175 that replace Onshore Orders 3, 4, and 5.”
Speaker: Mike Wade, Senior Oil and Gas Compliance Specialist for the BLM

Presentation Download: 3173-3174-3175 RMMS 2017.02.6

View Changes to Onshore Order 4 and 5

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Scholarship Fund Update:

We have awarded our 2nd Round of Scholarships for fall of 2016. Congrats to our recipients!

The purpose of the scholarship is to identify, support and encourage continued education for talented local measurement industry members and family.

The RMMS Board intends to award this scholarship annually to qualified entrants connected to the society.  Requirements, guidelines and details are listed in the attached application.

Submit scholarship entry: RMMS Scholarship Application 2016

The purpose of the Society shall be the advancement of hydrocarbon measurement for the mutual benefit of the members, industry and the Society.
The mission of the Society will be to educate our membership on standards, regulation and common practices while communicating new ideas, technologies and emerging trends.

The vision of the Society is to grow and educate our membership and provide scholarship opportunities to future professionals.

The Society shall be both non-profit and non-political in character, but may cooperate in civic enterprises.

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