2018 Trade Show: Thursday, August 16

August 16, 2018 all-day
Embassy Suites Loveland - Hotel
Embassy Suites Loveland - Hotel
Spa & Conference Center, 4705 Clydesdale Pkwy, Loveland, CO 80538

2018 Trade Show: Thursday, August 16
Loveland, CO
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2018 Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Liquid Measurement
  • How BLM Onshore Order 3175 Affects Your Gas Measurement SOPs
  • Pressurized Hydrocarbon Liquids Sampling
  • Addressing Measurement Challenges in Today’s Shale Plays
  • Entrained Gas and its Effects on Measurement
  • Operation and Performance of Ultrasonic Meters
  • Orifice Meters and Wet Gas Flow
  • Measurement Economics
  • Tank Pressure-Vacuum Relief and Gauging Concerns Related to Quad-O
  • Why Calibrating Custody Transfer Meters on Products Matters
  • Upstream Ultrasonic Metering Applications
  • Changing Quality Specifications and Analytical Practices
  • Data Averaging for Back Office Recalculation
  • Pairing Small Volume Provers with High Precision, High Flowrate Meters
  • Plan to Achieve USM Field Installed Accuracy; or Risk Permanent Errors
  • Panel Presentation: The Digitalization of the Oil Field: What is Happening? How Will it Affect You?

2018 Vendor Booths: