RMMS 4th Quarter 2017 Luncheon – November 16

4th Quarter 2017 Luncheon – November 16

Topic: Project Canary: A Case Study in ‘Management By Exception’

A practical approach to real time monitoring for fugitive gas emissions

Speaker: David Armitage, CEO, Cartasite

Methane is not something we want to release into the atmosphere.  The industry would rather sell it and see that CH4 help power tomorrow’s energy economy.

Fugitive gas emissions are a hot button issue for the industry.  Today, the best practice is to send a field worker out in a pickup with a $100K FLIR camera to randomly inspect each well.  This best practice doesn’t scale well.  There are over 780,000 producing properties in the US.  It would be vastly better if we could figure out which wells are leaking gas and then dispatch someone to find and fix.  The problem is methane is lighter than air.  And it is really hard to detect.  

Management by exception is everyone’s focal point these days.  So far, no one has come up with a way to cost effectively, remotely monitor for fugitive gas emissions.  Perhaps it is time to do some out of the box thinking.  Mr. Armitage will share a new best practice approach for real time well site monitoring.

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Date & Time: Thursday, November 16 (11:45 AM to 1:15 PM)