2016 Trade Show Papers

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2016 Rocky Mountain Measurement Society – 
Trade Show Presentations
  • Fundamentals of Liquid Measurement 1 Physical Properties – David Beitel
  • VX Multiphase Flow Meter – Caroline Marques
  • Using Technology to Automatically Identify Gas USMs Measurement Problems – John Lansing
  • Thermal Mass Flow for Greenhouse Gas Measurement (Flare Stack meter) – Tom Kemme
  • Liquid Meter Proving – Dave Seiler
  • Measurement Validation and Resolution Processing for Today’s Measurement Group – Duane Harris
  • Modern Orifice Meter Capabilties – Richard Steven
  • Wireless Solutions for Well pad Integration and a Case Study – Kim Miller/Jack Singh/Brain DeWald
  • Alternative Custody Transfer Measurement Methods for Leased Tanks – Loren Sjoquist
  • Acquiring Accurate Samples for S&W and Gravity Analysis While Truck Loading – Casey Hodges
  • PLC-DCS-RTU – Know what is Behind the Acronyms for your Complete Automation Needs – Tim Bradley
  • New Design for High Purity Gas Regulators – Charlie Brown
  • The Shutter Valve: The Highest Performing Valve in the World – Chad Heffernan
  • Liquid Sampling for Gas Volume and Quality – Stephen Anson
  • Quantum Cascade with Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy for Process Analysis – Dave McMillen
  • Advances in Automated Chilled-Mirror Technology – Sohrab Zarrabian
  • Ultrasonics In Non-Traditional Measurement – Irvin Schwartzenburg
  • The Challenge of Identifying and Validating Measurement Integrity in a New Era of Rich Gas – David Brown

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Gas Presentations
Liquid Presentations

General Measurement Topics


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